Getting ready for your big day? Let's make sure you feel perfect! I work with you from start to finish helping with all your pictures and moments or just on your big day! 


Have a dance or special event? Let's get you ready! I can help you and your friends look amazing for your event. 


The camera does more then just add 10 lbs, it captures everything! Let's make sure that includes how amazing you look. 


Working on a creative shoot or event? I love to collaborate and prepare your talent! 


Want to know how to apply your own makeup? Book a private or group makeup class and we can customize it! Options are endless, but can include makeup techniques, application, and product consultations. 


You found me!! Here are a few essentials that you need to know.


I am a freelance makeup artist in the Salt Lake City area. It sounds cliché, but I did marry my best friend.  My husband and I have our own secret language that we use 95% of the time. We have a child (who is actually a Siberian husky) named Kayda and we worship her. Living in a canyon is so fun for us, and it's beautiful year round! I absolutely love doing makeup (obviously) but the best part is getting to meet new friends everyday!


I LOVE karaoke, it literally gives me a high because it makes me so happy. Donuts are my life, but I’m trying to eat healthy so please don’t bring me any.  I grew up dancing, and singing, and practicing makeup on everyone I could get my hands on. Got my bachelors from USU that I’m obviously not using. I’ve gotten two spine surgeries, and my husband has been hit by a car twice in the last year, so it’s safe to say we are totally invincible. 

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